The Weird & Wacky Planet Series

The Weird & Wacky Planet series for kids 8 to 12 is a series of non-fiction books filled with the Weirdest and Wackiest Creatures on the planet. In fact, it's a requirement to make it into these books!

Each book contains 8 super weird animals, plenty of pictures, animal facts, a related activity you can do, and my favorite part-what makes them Weird & Wacky.

You can write a full report on each animal with the information given in its chapter, and there are underlined words that have definitions at the back of the book in the Glossary of Terms. Some are endangered and we talk about why and what's being done about it. Some are quite common and may even be living in your backyard.

But ALL of them are definitely Weird & Wacky!

Find them here!