Launch Crew


What does it mean to launch a book?

When a book gets published, an author wants to get as many eyeballs on it as quickly as possible so the Amazon algorithm will favor that book in searches.

​As part of a launch crew for a book, the crew is expected to leave a review for the book on Amazon within a required time after publication and share about the book on social media. It helps an author enormously.

​If you'd like to help me launch "Weird & Wacky Facts About the Fastest & Slowest Animals", I'd be so grateful!

​Here's what's in it for you:

​* a free pdf of the book before it's published and everyone sees it.

* stickers, printables, bookmarks, or other extras related to the book.

​To help me launch, enter your name and email on this special sign-up form and you'll be one of my exclusive crew members!

Once the book is ready to launch, I'll let you know what the timeline is and what to do.

Stay tuned-this one's getting ready, so join the Launch an Adventure Crew today!