Meet the Crew

K.B. Carr

K.B. Carr is an animal enthusiast, not an animal expert. They both start with the letter "e", but shouldn't be confused. One of them requires much larger student loans.

K.B. lives in West Michigan with her dog Jack. Jack is a girl dog with a boy's name. K.B. says that Ryan, Kelsey, and Jack are - and always will be - her favorite Weird & Wacky Creatures.

Captain Jack Sparrow Carr

Jack is a girl dog with a boy’s name. She got her name when she was brought to K.B. as a stray. She had thick dreadlock tangles from living on the streets for so long, and K.B. thought she looked like a pirate. 

She likes to tell jokes, answer questions, and give her opinion about anything and everything. Her hobbies are eating, sleeping, and smelling stuff. 

Dr. Chuck Darwin

Chuck is a Chimpanzee or Pan troglodytes, who has a bigger brain than most people. He’s a Brit who comes to us from England, and words, especially really BIG words, are his jam. 

He is a scientist who specializes in Biology and can rattle off those big words in a sentence, impressing the most discerning intellectual. K.B. relies on him to increase her vocabulary. 

His hobbies are reading and research, and he prefers Earl Grey when taking tea.

Tito Tree Frog

Tito is a red-eyed tree frog, an amphibian whose scientific name is Agalychnis callidryas. Most tree frogs are native to tropical rainforests from Mexico, Central America, and Columbia.

Tito's family immigrated to New York where he was raised, so you might recognize his accent. 

He’s really into animal facts and he’s very excited when he comes across an animal fact he doesn’t know. And that doesn’t happen often! 

His hobbies are Googling things, researching podcast ideas, and teasing Captain Jack. He does all of that extremely well.