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Large Axolotl Plush

Large Axolotl Plush

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Lots of plush axolotl toys concentrate on the head, which is, admittedly, super cute, but the Eco Nation Stuffed Axolotl by Aurora gives you the salamander, the whole salamander, and nothing but the salamander. This animal is featured in our book Weird & Wacky Endangered Creatures 2!

Measuring approximately 14.5 inches, the Eco Nation Stuffed Axolotl by Aurora has a soft coat of the palest pink and includes her whole body, along with her adorable, webbed feet.

Created with beautiful details, this stuffed axolotl has the instantly recognizable frilly gills on each side of her head, which are prettily edged with a darker pink, along with coastal grooves along the side, and a long tail that’s super soft and fluffy.

Sadly, this incredible little creature is facing extinction through, among other things, pollution, which is why the Eco Nation Stuffed Axolotl by Aurora is made using 100% recycled materials, Believe it or not, this sweet axolotl stuffed animal was once just a handful of used plastic bottles, but with a little magic, those bottles became the fur and filling that makes her so cuddly and cute.

With embroidered eyes to carry on the non-plastic theme, this walking Mexican fish is tired of her watery kingdom and will settle beautifully into life on dry land with you!


  • Measures approximately 14.5 inches
  • Made with 100% recycled materials
  • Embroidered features
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