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Small Axolotl Plush

Small Axolotl Plush

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An axolotl will typically measure around 9-10 inches, so the Stuffed Axolotl Mini Flopsie by Aurora is only one inch smaller than a real-life one, at around 8 inches in length. This animal is featured in our book Weird & Wacky Endangered Creatures 2!

Just as cute as the real thing, this plush axolotl is covered in a pretty pale pink faux fur, with a slightly darker pink lining to his very impressive gills.

Also known as Mexican Walking Fish, these smiley salamanders spend their entire lives underwater, although this Stuffed Axolotl Mini Flopsie by Aurora will be more than happy to leave his watery ways behind him and move onto dry land with you!

One of the stranger things about this cute creature is that it can keep growing new body parts if, for example, a leg has been lost, but you will never have to worry about that with this stuffed axolotl, because he is so expertly and lovingly made that there’s no danger of a limb dropping off

Filled with beans to make him perfectly floppy, Axel the Stuffed Axolotl Mini Flopsie will bring you comfort and joy when you cuddle him, and because he is the perfect size for small hands, he will be able to provide that contentment to even the youngest of fans!


  • Measures approximately 8 inches
  • Bean bag body
  • Super soft plush


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